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Ever since antiquity, and still today, collecting means acquiring something that is liked, that stirs up emotions and that stimulates the search for the possible and endless connections between past and present, in an essential élan vital animated by a great passion.

The search for artistic quality, for uniqueness and for exclusivity has been amongst the main motivations of every era's collecting. The attraction for the aesthetically beautiful is amongst the primary drives for those dedicating themselves to the acquisition of artworks. All this corresponds to the concept of excellence which is a very important need for the collector today and will play a significant role especially in relation to the growth in value of artworks. Like passion, artistic choices of a high qualitative profile always award in time too.

Passion and desire for quality alone are however not enough to build a significant collection of artworks. They must be supported by competent professionals who are able to give assurances and confirmations. Besides the heart one must know how to use the mind and possess both general as well as specific training which is actually, knowledge. Every acquisition in fact requires artistic and technical knowledge coupled with a market and financial one.

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