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Ever since antiquity, and still today, collecting means acquiring something that is liked, that stirs up emotions and that stimulates the search for the possible and endless connections between past and present, in an essential élan vital animated by a great passion.

Acquiring an artwork from the heart, and therefore with passion, is already the first fundamental investment for collectors: the true passion for art never betrays and, as history shows, always rewards, even in the financial point of view.
Here at OPERA we are strongly convinced of this.
The heart is not enough however to build and improve a collection; one should also know how to use his mind.
The biggest difficulty lies in the blending of the two elements.

OPERA was created right for the purpose of aiding the collector, helping him to use his heart as well as his mind or, rather, the hearts and minds of OPERA's team.
A team of experts from every part of the world, each one specialised in his own sector of expertise and backed by a long experience matured over the years, will be available for OPERA's clients to assist them in their choices in the best possible way.

The attraction for what is beautiful as well as culture and taste have been until now basic parameters of collecting through which a remarkable richness has been achieved, both for those who collected as well as for the subsequent generations.

Today the financial and cultural scenes are radically changing: the art market is richer than ever with offers and, for this reason, is often insidious and not easy to appraise. The selective exercise which OPERA is able to undertake becomes quite essential to interpret this articulated and complex reality, providing the collector with all the most suitable instruments and expertises.

Passion for art remains however the real "investment" for collectors and which humankind will always be able to avail of: it is the great treasure which OPERA will make sure to safeguard and to keep on developing.

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